A Dinner Date booking

I got a call last week in the morning from a client who came to see me in Westbourne 3 years ago! He said he fancied a Dinner Date booking with me that day in the afternoon as it was an exceptionally sunny day and he was taking some well earned time off working so hard.

All he requested dress wise was a pair of tights but I was guessing he would like a lovely sexy classy short summery dress to show off the tights so I chose a very elegant dress that fitted the bill! And I literally ONLY wore a pair of tights underneath LOL. The dress had white flowers with a tiny splash of yellow so I wore a pair of very expensive looking yellow shoes I bought ages ago and had been dying to wear! teamed it up with a classy cream bag with gold finishing….my gold watch full of crystals, a gold and flowery necklace and my outfit was complete!!

He came and picked me up in New Milton, Hampshire… from my place and off we zoomed with the sunroof down ….the lovely hot sun shinning down on us as he drove me to one of the lovely hotels in Poole on the sea front. We sat on the terrace and had drinks and food….chattering the whole time from the minute he picked me up! He went and ordered our food and when he came back he said you do realise EVERYONE was looking at me! He absolutely loved my outfit and thought my shoes had cost me a couple of hundred quid!! Nope….(thankyou ebay….its amazing what fabulous things you can buy on there for amazingly good prices!)….but great that they had the desired look!

It was an amazing day! He said he wanted to make sure I was enjoying it too but said it was exactly the kind of day he needed and couldn’t have been any better. Once we finished to food…off we went for a little walk by the sea front before he wizzed me back home and I gave him his dessert!!

I so love days like this…shame they don’t happen a bit more often! The day was for him but definitely was a total treat for me too!!



I offer Dinner Date bookings for £250 which is for 4-5 hours. 1 hour rumpy pumpy and the rest social.

If you would like to book me for a date like this (yes please LOL)…it is usually best to book at least a day in advance to make sure I am available but same s he did…it is possible to book on the day if I have no other bookings